I’ve heard it a million times from people that I know. “Just be patient, Michelle” or just in general people going “You lack patience!”. Usually it’s from my family members, sometimes my friends, sometimes (although I throw something at him afterwards) from Clay. But lacking patience is generally not something that I contribute to myself. But after logging in and out of the website where my two new domains are registered yet, I can admit that I’m a little bit impatient. Thanks very much to Kristi for helping me register them at the chosen registar (they take Paypal, but they require a verified account, tsk). So now I’m just waiting for them to be actually registered. I’ve also checked a whois site a few times to see if they’re propagated/online yet. It’s been probably around 3-4 hours so far so I am fairly impatient today. Then again, I am excited so… yay! One’s going to be for my roleplaying game (after 2+ years, it’s finally moving to a domain instead of being on Freewebs!) and the other is going to be my ‘other pet project’. Which will involve a blog and such. Yay? I think so. Not revealing the names yet to anyone, but it’ll be pretty awesome and I’ll have a giant blog entry on here going “zomg, guess what’s up?!”… Or something equally as lame. I don’t know, I’ll try to keep it cheerful and not quite so nerdy. I might not succeed, but I’ll definitely try.

Family studies today was fairly boring. It was about children development and parenting styles that have a detrimental affect on the child. The unfortunate thing is that while I was listening to her speak, it was like having someone describe my father to me. There’s a portion of my notes dedicated to parents who manipulate their children through conditional love. Like, they’ll only love a child (or seem to only love a child) if they get married by a certain age, get married to a certain type of person, become a doctor or a lawyer and it was really like having someone just speak about my father. And it wasn’t in a positive, awww, let’s be proud of daddy! way either. So my father is an “authoritarian” in terms of his parenting style. Good stuff to know.

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  1. WOO go us. I am incredibly impatient too. When I was getting my current domain.. I kept whinging to my boyfriend *I WANT MY HOSTING NOW* *I WANT MY PAYPAL MONEY NOW*

    But hahaha, I see why the rpg should be moved from freewebs. 😛

    I don’t know what that surge protector bar is :S but there’s a little spark-zap thing at the power point when I plug it in. It’s so stupid. I bet the adaptor’s got too much power, or something.

  2. whatt??? Did i just reading that right? I was reading a couple of your previous post and… DANCING?! at your party? uhhh… i didn’t really dance in my grad in case you’ve forgotten. =D And yes, it’s your b-day and all… and i consider you my good friend… and it’s your party…but… dancing… i don’t dance. haha…

    (i know you’re thinking in your head that you’re going to make me though….) -__-”

    Don’t start scheming anything. Oops… that’s already probably too late huh? xD

  3. Haha, I’d be just as impatient if I were as excited as you probably are. =) (Huh, that was a lot of “as”s. Weird. xD)

    I’ve very interested in this RPG, however. =]

    And at least you understand exactly what he is now. =/ Not much comfort, but knowledge is power, in a sort of way, right?

  4. Ughhh, are they still not done yet? Thats super lame. I know I had some issues with it but if they arent up by tomorrow, Ill ask my HP what he did to change my DNS thingies and we’ll get it fixed.

    As far as parenting style, in my opinion, your father is just a douchebag but..thats just me.

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