I’ve been putting together a playlist/mixed cd/whatever to make my friends dance to at my birthday party coming up in early November (and hey, if you’re invited and reading this – guess what, you’re all dancing). And I really don’t have very much for it since I don’t have very many songs that are easy to dance to. The first song is Metro Station’s Shake It. Go figure.

Give me music suggestions! Please and thank you.

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  1. D.A.N.C.E by Justice
    Deceptacon by Le Tigre
    Feel the Love by Cut Copy
    Music is my Hot Hot Sex by CSS
    American Boy by Kanye West
    Time to Pretend by MGMT
    Electric Feel by MGMT
    Liquefy by The Servant
    … No I don’t have any suggestions that your other guests would know.

  2. More and More by Dj Hixxy
    Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show
    So Hott – Kid Rock (sexual dancing, anyone?)

    um.. Im not sue what else, really. My dance songs would also consist of Rob Zombie and ACDC. Im also tthinking about putting somemusic together for our halloween party…

  3. Oh man, I can give you lists of songs that are fun to dance to. =)
    “Every Time We Touch,” by Cascada
    “Thriller,” by Michael Jackson
    “Sandstorm,” by Darude
    “Jump On It,” by Sir Mix a Lot

    If you don’t mind rap, I suggest “Crank Dat,” by Soldja Boy, “Get Low,” by Lil Jon, (both have swearing. a lot. haha), and “Jammin,” by Black Violin (completely clean and really good. A bit more hip-hop like).
    Almost any techno song will work — they have great beats for dancing. Try Daft Punk. =)

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