And hey look, I’m still alive!

What have I been up to since my last final (Monday night)? Clearly not blogging…. I’ve done some baking (but, unfortunately, the proof of that has mysteriously disappeared…), some thrift store shopping (yesterday, with J), some reflection (on life – wow, I make myself sound old…), some playing of the Nintendo DS (Pokemon Platinum…) and […]

And from the men’s department…

Lah de dah… Today’s been kind of a wash. I spent today: eating (…), studying (biology), listening to people sing (a.k.a. the choir) and more studying (biology). My sister (J) is in a choir and they had a performance today at a local mall, so my other sister and I went and took loads of […]

Five little words

Caity was given 5 words as topics to blog about and issued the challenge to her readers. I asked for some words and these are the words that I received: music, Blythe, education, relationships and nursing. Thanks Caity! Music I used to be heavily involved in music, I was in choir and band for school […]