Currently half working on family studies and half writing out psychology notes (the two complement each other fairly well, actually). Anyways… I just accidentally sent a text meant for Clay to someone else on my contact list. Someone who happens to be a very good friend and also knows about Clay and myself and also happened to work at the same company. Yeah… Then I got a phone call from him and he gave me a lecture because I’m too young to be [blah blah blah]. Worse than my father, goodness gracious! But we did have a nice chat, despite the really awkward beginning to it all.

Note to self (and you!): double check who you’re texting to before sending it.

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  1. Haha, I don’t even know how many times I’ve accidentally called someone, meaning to call someone else.
    I don’t have texting yet, but when I finally get around to buying it, I’ll make sure to check my receiver. =)

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