Remind me to never again start a conversation when I’m running on approximately 6 hours of sleep (12:30am to 6:30am – I woke up early out of routine even though I didn’t have to be at school until 10:50am, meaning that I left the house at 9am and therefore could have slept until 8am), not too much food (I had toast this morning at home with jam, I got to school and had the best bagel in the history of bagels – it was sundried tomato and cost me $0.95) and right after an exam (which really wasn’t that bad, but still affected my thought process just enough that I made little to no sense.

M: Hello?
C: Hey… How’s it going?
M: [pause] Why are you awake?
C: Would you rather I just hang up and talk to you later then?
M: It’s not that… It’s just… Why are you awake? It’s noon. You’re never awake at noon.
C: I think I’m insulted now.
M: Did you at least eat breakfast today?
C: Nope.
M: [mutters something about the most important meal of the day]
C: You’re cute when you mutter.
M: Hush.
C: And when you’re defensive.
M: [mutters some more]
C: Am I distracting you from anything important?
M: [looks down at Dickens’ Great Expectations] Not overly important.
C: Which means that I am.
M: It’s just a book…
C: For school or for yourself?
M: Erm… Both?
C: Geek.
M: Coming from the person who plays World of Warcraft, I’m really not that insulted.

Well, that’s as much of the conversation that I can remember. I was half-dozing when my cell phone started vibrating, so I’m actually not quite sure how much of this happened and how much was a figment of my imagination.

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  1. hey!! is it me or did I move into your “other positive thinkers” links? hmm hmm? lol 🙂 i flattered
    i get the cupcake thing. now. 🙂
    and you saw the costume link on my website? what igot at spencers the other night? my teacher saw me and my friend looking at it and she smacked me upside the head lol

    now to be on subject. I have had so many half asleep phone convos. I even had hung up with david one time when we were dating and left the phone open and beside my head. I wake up in a panic that i fell asleep on the phone and call him back. we’d been asleep for like 3 hours lol.

  2. Hehe, aww. My mum always tells me breakfast is important 😛 I actually quite like being called a geek. It makes me roll down a hill laughing. (If I can find a hill.)

    Haha I wonder how many conversations I’ve had with someone in my sleep, actually. If I do. It’s sort of weird.

  3. No I’m not better yet =[ though I have gotten my voice back somewhat. No, at our store, they need as many workers as they can get. They hire a bunch of people, and they either never show up, or quit after the first day. So the store is always down a bunch of people. They don’t care much about our health. It sucks.

    That conversation sounds like a laugh.

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