Update on the status of my (new!) domains: the status for both has gone from “Waiting for approval” to “This domain has been requested”. Still not at the “Ready” status so I still can’t use them. Ugh. Why is it taking so long? Not impressed at all.

My biology lab midterm today went off without a hitch. I remembered some random facts about the things that we had studied in the lab and those memories paid off (thankfully). I may have mixed two terms around, but then it’s 20 questions and it’ll probably be like 1 or 2 marks per question so it’s not that bad overall. Especially when the questions that I potentially messed up were only asking for one word answers. So that’s done and I am finally done with midterms until November 6th (second family studies midterm).

How is everyone else’s Thursday going? Having a good day so far?

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