Not sure how much you care – but there’s a new Snow Patrol album coming soon. And I’m sure if you all search hard enough, you can find a leaked copy somewhere. A review will follow once I get my grubby little paws on a copy – it’s due to come out on October 28th, if memory serves correctly. It’s called A Hundred Million Suns and has 11 tracks in total. Oh, also in the world of audio love, I’ve been using (and abusing) iTunes to get the podcasts that I want lately. I don’t want to know how many hours of podcasts I now have on my mp3 player.

Oh, and there is exactly eight more full days until November 1st. That means eight more full days until the commencement of National Novel Writing Month! Go sign up! Right now! Go, go, go! My username (should you choose to add me as a writing buddy) is littlevampiregirl. I was trying to convince Clay to go join in the noveling goodness last night, but he politely declined.

1. Are you going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year?
2. If one of your loved ones was silly insane enough to do NaNo, how would you support them?

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  1. wow! thats to cool. I started a novel like two years ago and Id love to finish it but I never have the drive. This sounds really neat. Not sure if Ill participate, but Ill read more and we’ll see. If I do, youll be my writing buddy! want.

    If Matthew chose to do it, I would encourage him to write daily and really put effort into it. I would proof read for him and help in any way possible.

  2. Nothing is keeping me from NaNo.
    Loved one? Like T? I wish he would. But he doesn’t write so it will never happen.
    As for the close friends doing it this year, there’s you and E.
    There’s no doubt that you’ll finish. You’ve got more years of NaNo than I do. My support is commiseration.
    And for E, he’s gonna finish this year. We’ll write together more often now and I will be standing behind him with the proverbial whip. I will resort to mockery and belittling if it gets him to finish. Can our friendship withstand NaNo? Dun dun dun dun.

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