For all the new lovelies who have decided to join in on the NaNoWriMo fun, my username is littlevampiregirl (click here to view my profile and to add me as a writing buddy). Approximately 74 hours until Saturday November 1st 2008! Yay! Who’s all excited like me for this? Yes? Well, I will be once I get all my school shit done by Friday night so I can start off November on a good note. Perhaps learn to type even faster than I alraedy do so that I can manage to do assignments and school and noveling all at the same time. Or something, who knows.

I was planning on getting all of my chapter 8 questions done today. Until I looked at the total amount of questions (double of what I did for chapter 7). So… Doing half tonight, half tomorrow. So I don’t end up killing myself with information on preschoolers and what they do and how they learn.

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  1. me writes novel?
    no thanks theres no way i could get that done on top of everything else. but good luck
    now i must go attempt to stop shadow adn duke from killing each other

  2. Whee, I’m soo excited! I got my friend Hannah to join in as well, and maybe another girl on my Speech team. I’m really psyched and can’t wait to get started! ^_^

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