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My biology lab this morning was supposed to go from 9am to 12pm. Which is all fine and dandy. Except, of course, the fact that it didn’t. I got there, handed in my lab report from the experiment last week and then got my grade (as of this instance) for the lab and left. At 9:20am. My next class? At 1pm.

Anyways… Right now I’m either ignoring Clay or he’s ignoring me, I’m not sure which at the moment (we’re odd like that). But he’s taking his shitastic mood out on me, which I’m not remotely impressed by so I’ve been throwing myself (figuratively, of course) into schoolwork. Which is a good thing, given that I have a midterm next Thursday and I still have three more assignments to get done for that class (chapters 8, 9 and 10 questions – whoot!). I’m about half-way through chapter 8 questions at the moment. I’ve decided to do a chapter a day and so far that’s been working out for me, yay. So get it all done by Thursday evening, catchup on everything throughout the week, get everything done by 11:59pm on Friday and then it’s noveling time, come 12:00am November 1st.

Questions for today:
1. Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this November?
2. Is this your first time? How many years have you done it?
3. What genre(s) does your novel fall under?

My answers:
1. Yes, obviously!
2. It’ll be my fourth year.
3. This year I’m detaching myself from romantic historical fantasy and it’s going to be literary fiction and chock full of teen angst in the form of troubled teenagers. And instead of doing it in third person (limited omniscience), it’s going to be first person, but the narrator changes depending on which chapter it is (there’s only one female character, the rest are male).

5 Responses

  1. AVENUE Q! I love that song!

    *smacks boy*

    2)I’ve done it for a few years. Didn’t always finish though ^^;
    3) Vampires beating the crap out of demons, and other vampires. So action, fantasy with some romance.

  2. Hahha no bonus points for me.

    I love that word: “shitastic”.

    1. Haven’t heard of it. Checking it out now. Sounds interesting.
    2. If I am participating, then yes.
    3. If I were to write one, it’d be romantic (I suck at writing anything other than that), or relationship-related, or something totally wack. 😛

    And I write a lot of text messages I don’t send 🙂

    Haha I’m not into chatspeak but on MSN I do say things like ‘omg’, ‘lol’, ‘pmsl’, etc etc. 🙂

  3. Oh, their application is online. Applicants submit it online, and then they have to print it out and fax it because apparently, they need a paper copy as well.

    1. Hm… good question. I’ve just signed up for it, actually, but whether or not I’ll actively participate (as in, writing a little something every day) remains to be seen.
    2. Yes, it’s my first time 😀
    3. Science fiction. Well, this first option. I might change it to my second option by Halloween, depending. Then it’d be romance/drama/humor.

  4. 1. Wow, I’d never heard of it before–but I’m totally participating now! Thanks so much for enlightening me about this awesome event! ^_^
    2. My first time. =3
    3. I’m thinking it’ll be somewhere in the fiction range. I’m willing to bet romance will be splashed in somewhere. =P

    I don’t get any bonus points, haha. I’ll probably getting one of those in five years, though. Woohoo, English major. =P
    I think you have a right to ignore him–he’s the one who took his anger out on you, a retarded thing to do. =/ He needs to apologize at least.

  5. 1. Yeh I think I am 🙂
    2. First time 😀
    3. I’ve had this romance playing in my head for all too long, think I might write it down for once.

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