So while I was discussing the potential possibility of a date for this weekend (Clay’s learning how to schedule and plan and organize events that he must attend so he is somehow fitting me in along with two birthday parties that he’s attending on Sunday), I was just double checking that he’d be attending my birthday party (because, hello, he’s known about it for over a month now and he still hadn’t RSVP’d – which annoys the hell out of me, and that’s an entirely different story). And he told me that he “really wants to” attend my birthday party. And he added a “however…” at the end of that sentence.

With raised eyebrows, I went “However…?”  and he goes “I have some concerns about it.”

I know, I know. How inconsiderate. And I know what you’re all thinking: “What the fuck?” “Is he high?” “Zomg, he’s such a loser.” Answers? Yes, likely not, and [in this moment] yes.

He’s concerned about the people who are going to be there (and that somehow my friends will tell my parents?) and how there’ll be photographic evidence of his existence. I mean, if one of my friends tell my parents something this big, they’re obviously not a very good friend and will potentially cease to be a friend after the incident in question for revealing a secret that (erm) secretive. And photographic evidence of him being in my living room or at my kitchen table and (Oh. My. Effing. Biology Textbook.) photographs of him probably sitting right next to me or talking to me or (oh my) potentially smiling while talking and sitting right next to me.

I decided that politeness was a waste of time and informed him that: everyone who is attending already knows about him (and my parents still don’t know about him), I have 2 weeks to go through the photos and only choose a selection to show to the parents that be (and obviously I won’t show them a photo that he’s in) and he has absolutely no faith in my capabilities to lie to my parents.

And I really cannot tell if I’m more offended at the fact that he’s even considering not showing up to my birthday party (he’s known about it for over a month – I sent out invites early out of consideration for those who have to sort out shifts for work) or the fact that he has complete and utter lack of faith in my abilities to lie and sneak around my parents.

Argh. I’m remembering why I liked being single now.

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  1. ….Ya because I’ll totally tell your parents =P. God, I’d rather commit harakiri than tell your parents.

    I also LOL at his worries. I mean if you hadn’t thought those over would you have invited him?!

    LOL @ the potentially smiling while talking to you in photos

    He better show up or ummmm….I haven’t thought of the or yet but I will…I will.

  2. How lame. I mean, even if there was a photo of you together, can you not be friends?

    Though, honestly, lying usually doesn’t turn out very well.

  3. Tsk, not the brightest at times, huh? =/
    How could he not come to your birthday party? As a boyfriend, that’s practically a duty. =P And shouldn’t he want to come and be with you?

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