Mmm, I’m taking a short break before I start on my chapter 10 questions (after this, it’s only chapter 11 left!). Which shouldn’t be too bad when I printed out the questions, it only takes up three pages. I’ve been scouring the interwebs for a decent pasta sauce recipe, I’m hoping to find something good that doesn’t require meat since I’m so anti-meat these days (by ‘anti-meat’, I mean cooking meat requires a touch more preperation and I’m just too lazy for that for the most part). Yum. Meat… I’m totally showing off how bad of a carnivore I am right now. I did have chicken today though. And imported-from-New-Zealand mussels. It was good.

Important information: I found my mini stapler. It was free last year on the first day of school, from Staples and it’s teal. I lost it and then I found it hidden underneath my printer (wtf?). Also, ate a bit of candy today (not from my party stash, from my zomg-Halloween’s-over-let-me-buy-candy stash that will probably be incorporated into my party stash. Most likely the Tootsie Rolls since that hasn’t been opened yet, and whatever’s left from the other bag of glorious soft taffy that I’ve been inhaling. -slaps self- Oh well, my dentist will be pleased with me.

And now time to get back to work after this rather pointless (but oh-so-necessary) blog entry.

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  1. Oooooooooh lovely new layout! It’s making me hungry.

    Congrats on finding the stapler. I’m scared of staplers. Since that time I got two of my fingers stapled O_O !

    Food talk’s making me hungry indeed. It’s dinner soon here.. *YESS*

    Eck, dentists. Hope you aren’t going any time soon. Now eat well 😀 😛

  2. Ohh mini staplers are so much fun. The one I had though, never worked right. Humph.

    Jesse won the movie Disturbia, two clues, and a box of.. dundun SKITTLES.

    Second place won a cute little glass/heart votive holder and a clue.

    The MM winner won a Chuck Norris Movie (actually 3-in-1, sortof an inside joke), Ultraviolet movie, and a shiny rubics cube!

    The person who tried the hardest but didnt solve the MM won a wicked Wizard puzzle (and Philliip LOVED it so that worked well).

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