Ahem. Anyways… I’m forgoing novel writing today as I am A) 10,000 words ahead of the game, B) have 4 chapters worth of questions to get done before my midterm on Thursday and C) just have too much to do today! But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a quick moment to blog here and there. And really, I swear I don’t know how my mind works sometimes.

I had this awful (awesome?) dream sometime between 3am and 10am today. (I woke up briefly at around 3am and ended up not being able to get back to sleep for another half hour where I lay in bed and texted the boyfriend – repeatedly – because I’m a wonderful person like that. Before anyone tells me off for it, he was awake and I knew he was awake.) Anyways, my awful/awesome dream! I was in this relationship with a guy and a girl and the thing was, I was back in high school and I find out later that we were being filmed for some new television show on unfaithful teenagers which we all thought was insane because we all knew about one another (this is making me sound so awful, but it was in my subconscious, honest!) and the three of us were okay with that. So the people doing the show (documentary? shitty reality tv show?) decided they should (finally) hear our opinion on it and we broke out into song. To be fair, it wasn’t that bad. I scribbled down the main chorus of the song from my dream and I rather like it. Anyways, that was about it… In my dream, I was bisexual, in an open three-way relationship and sang for a reality tv show.

Back to studying now!

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