I’m not a sponge!

Today was my last biology lab class. I was placed into a group where I drank 800ml of water (800ml = 0.8L = 1.057 quarts). It could have been worse. I could have drank 800ml of electrolyte and sugar filled water (neon orange Gatorade ftl). It wasn’t a bad lab though, it was actually kind […]

When I grow up, I want to win the lottery

My sister was telling me about how the lottery jackpot in the state that she’s currently living in (California) is like 200+ million dollars, US. But then after taxes, it’s a lot closer to a 100 million dollars. Due to taxes and whatnot. I can only imagine what kind of advertisements I’d see in Canada […]

Watch Michelle Lose Her Sanity Day!

Ahem. Anyways… I’m forgoing novel writing today as I am A) 10,000 words ahead of the game, B) have 4 chapters worth of questions to get done before my midterm on Thursday and C) just have too much to do today! But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a quick moment to blog here and […]