So… Guess who rocked her family studies midterm…? [And yes, the answer better be my name!] So it went well, obviously. Luckily I did all the questions or else I probably would have failed the multiple choice component (which happens to be 70% of the midterm grade). Oy. Anyways, yeah, kicked ass except for that portion where I forgot about processing speed (but to be fair, that was only a fifth on the question and I did get the other four and it was only 1 mark). So… Yay! It’s worth quite a bit too (40%) so I’m psyched that I actually feel confident about it (and it’s not that kind of confidence th

I’m currently watching J eat something that’s basically… a block of chocolate that’s full of mini marshmallows. She spent $2 on this sugar-inducing-coma concoction. It’s really big too, probably about the size of a small dictionary (but not one of those tiny keychain dictionaries). And now I’m sitting and chatting with people about biology and physics.

I’d say that I’m surrounded by science geeks, but then I’m pretty sure that I count as one myself.

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  1. lol you so would NOT want to host me. i’ m html cannot make my own freakin layout to save my life! 🙁 its a goal I have, but never have accomplished. used to be this one girl used to make my layouts for me lol. i felt so bad i only had her make me 2…

    chocolate. marshmellows. YUMMy

  2. Yay congrats on the awesomeness of your midterm..thingie.

    That chocolate thing sounds really good, Im craving chocolate *looks for some*

    Im not a science geek! yay. Im more of an english geek? if we’re talking about school subjects.

  3. YAY congrats! And gosh, that sounds yummy despite it being so large. I love marshmallows so much 😀

    Haha I am glad to have nothing to do with biology or physics ever again. 😛

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