It’s been a long day. Things just kept on going wrong today. And seriously, the best way I could possibly end the day is with the Boy indulging me in a completely dirty and inappropriate conversation. He’s still at work, so it’s all over texts right now but it’s been going on since… 9:17pm. And while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s still okay if I can’t have the real thing. Granted I’m distracting him while he’s at work, but he’s not complaining so… It’s all good. He’s such a sweetheart, talking dirty to me.

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  1. hahaha That is so funny and so something Mike would do to me (and has in the past). There’s nothing wrong with some nice distractions at work. ;D I’m just glad he can have his phone with him. At my old job, you’d get in major trouble if you had your phone on you. 🙁

  2. Ohhh enjoy it while you can! Im very jealous.

    As soon as you start getting the real thing, you won’t get quite as many little notes and texts and things. Silly boys.

  3. Hehe naughty, naughty 😉 Two hours roundabout. Quite a long time, haha.

    Ahaaa I only had 500mb LEFT (I’m on 17GB a month :P). So I was like NOOO. Haha I totally know, I just wanted to tag anyone, I couldn’t think of people off the top of my head 😛

  4. A dirty boy you say? XD Nearly two hours of dirty texts, how can you two wake up to yourselves in the morning?! XDDDDDD And yet, in an odd way, it’s so cute.

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