My psych prof is still talking about the introduction to the new chapter (States of Consciousness). He’s talking about a case of how this man and a woman went and got high on designer drugs and then the man woke up and he was covered in blood, called the police and then he got charged with murder – but the lawyer argued that he wasn’t to blame due to the fact that he did nothing to invoke the violence or something like that. We’re having a discussion right now about how if the man should or should not have been charged and held accountable for the actions. Which is a very interesting thought. I mean it’s fascinating to think about how people think. Now he’s talking about binge drinking and how it’s common for people who are turning 19 to go to bars and have 19 drinks (in a row). Trying to figure out how anyone can handle 19 drinks in one sitting, but that’s just me.

I’m yawning a touch too much and A’s giving me a dirty look. (Keep in mind, A’s the girl who’s registered in 5 classes, attends all 5 of those classes and also attends 3 other classes as well – because she can, and it’s all very fascinating and she has nothing better to do – I don’t recall ever being that enthused about attending university. Excited, maybe, but not attending eight classes because I can.) Apparently it’s disrespectful so I shot her and look and went ‘Would you rather I just fall asleep right now?’ The answer? ‘No, of course not, Michelle.’ Ugh, goodie two shoes.

But it is Wednesday and I’m looking forward to Private Practice tonight, along with some novelling, biology and psych notes writing. Then there’s the commencement of taking notes out of my FMST and psych textbooks about child abuse for my English lit essay. It’s going to be a jam-packed night. I’m hoping to get caught up on psych and bio tonight (not my human bio class, I’ve kinda given up on that, hello printed notes attached to lined paper!) and then going through some bio tonight along with my child abuse note-taking. So tired.

Back to paying attention to psychology, my prof finally got past the first slide.

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  1. Pyschology was my favorite college class.. and it was all because of my crazy teacher. Good times, it was. I think he should be charged. When you do something like take drugs or drink alcohol (the same as if you are to have sex), there’s the chance that something bad can happen (or that you can get pregnant) and you must be prepared to face the consequences.

    As far as goody two shoes goes, goodlord. 5 was all I could ever take and that was enough for me.

  2. hmm, that is an interesting concept to think about. I wish my psych class was that interesting too. My teacher just stands up and reads off the notes she handed us. Yuck! And I must say, people like A drive me crazy. I can hardly stand 4 classes, much less 8? I think she needs a lesson in getting a life.

  3. Woah, you must be bored. 😛
    Pretty interesting though. And 8 classes.. you’re pretty awesome to keep up with it all! Good luck with those icky icky notes <3

    Haha you wrote a whole blog in the time he went through one slide 😀

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