Georgina & Dane: It was actually more like 3 hours (9:17pm to 12:39am…), we weren’t done when I was blogging about it. And I wake up plenty fine in the morning, thanks for showing your concern.

Ahem. Now that you all know that I act like a crazed hormonal teenage girl (hah, act) onto the good stuff! Such as… Not falling asleep in my biology lecture (yay!), paying attention in my family studies lecture (yay!) and getting the correct answers for the impromptu pop quiz I had this morning in my biology lab. Yay! It was supposed to a ‘group effort’. I’m in a group of 7 and we’re in split into three small pairings (2 groups of two, 1 group of three) and we each get an animal. We’re supposed to learn everything on all of the animals. But M ended up answering all the questions for the mud puppy, C answered all the questions for the dogfish and I answered all the question for the rat (yay for mammals). So the other four were just kind of hanging back. J was my partner on the rat dissection today and she just didn’t answer a thing, even though she spent most of the lab poking around the rodent. I identified the iliolumbar artery, the hepatic portal vein and the phrenic veins (technically I identified both the phrenic veins and arteries as I couldn’t see where the TA was poking too with the blunt prob). I’m not sure how well I’m going to fare on the lab final since apparently they’ll just have the animals out with pins pointing to parts we need to identify. I can do all of the organs and circulatory systems and such, but I’m going to have a huge problem with the muscle groups since it’s really difficult to see the differences from one muscle to the next since a lot of them aren’t clearly defined on the animals (most of them are immature).

Anyways… There’s actually not much new to life. Besides the fact that there was just an amazing moon out tonight. So beautiful. And that’s about it for today. Yay for being able to identify blood vessels on mammals.

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  1. Oh my. Thankfully, we didnt have to do any of that in my biology course. Then again you do need that sort of training.

    We’ve had a gorgeous moon for a few days now! Last night it was all foggy and misty.. very eerie.

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