M: So are you coming over tomorrow or not?
C: Why, are you trying to make plans with someone else?
M: No, it’d just be nice to know.
C: Probably not, but maybe.

I swear, he’s fucking incapable of just coming out and saying “No, Michelle, we won’t be seeing each other tomorow.” ‘Maybe’. Bullshit. I just don’t know anymore. I was looking forward to seeing him all week because he promised that he would come over. And it’d be the first time that I really get him all to myself without being in public like a restaurant or something. But instead, he’s cancelling. For his brother or his best friend, I’m not quite sure which and I really don’t care who he’s spending time with tomorrow night. All I know is that I really should stop fucking crying. I’m blaming it on hormones.

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  1. oh crap/ i was in a relationship similar to that. ugh. dont be a pushover like I was just say whats on your mind. i wish I would have…it would have saved me alot of problems!

    i’m b-a-c-k lol.

  2. If I was you when he asked if you were going to make plans with someone else I would have said “If you keep blowing me off I will” just to put some pressure on him.

    He really needs to spend more time with you =_=

  3. Hormone days always mess with one’s emotions. 🙁 But I think you have a right to be upset — it’s not fair of him to cancel on you like that.

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