This conversation just happened out of the blue, I go away from my laptop for like 5 minutes to get tea and I come back to this:

C: You don’t like me anymore?
M: Huh? Where the hell did that come from?
C: Do you think I’m dumb because I don’t read?
C: You hate me, don’t you?
M: …. Are you delusional?
M: Or have a fever?
M: Or hit your head on something?
M: Or all three?
M: I make it a rule not to invite guys that I don’t like to my house when it’s like 11pm at night. So therefore, if you use that logic…
M: And besides, half the time I think you don’t like -me- anymore.
C: Huh? Of course I do. You’re the one that doesn’t like me, no turning this around on me.
M: Question, out of the two of us, who’s usually the one who suggests making plans?
C: You…
M: And who’s the one who’s usually canceling…?
C: Me…
M: So why would you draw the conclusion that I don’t like you? If anything, I should be questioning if you like me.
C: Hehehe
M: You staged that entire conversation just to attempt to be cute, didn’t you?
C: Maybe…
M: Which means ‘yes’.
C: Maybe
M: … I would so throw a pen at you right now if I could.
C: Not very nice…

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  1. Im sorry. I dont find that cute; I find it annoying and childish and more of a remidner that he’s a canceller and admits it. Maybe Im just in bitch mode today.

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