I got up at like… 7:12am, realized that that I was kind of going to be late so I got up and started running around the house again. It doesn’t help that I stayed up until 1am… But I got onto the bus at 7:30am and I got to school by 8:53am and I handed in my paper at 9:01am (when I rushed/walked/strolled into the door of the classroom). And now here I am! Yay… I’m really tired right now.

Oh, I also had a three year old boy asking me to be his girlfriend on the bus this morning – I’ll be blogging about it over at my transit blog later.

Anyways, I’ve been doing some updates on my writing site: Maybe, baby; Morning Song; Sunshine. Go check it out, I’m getting lonely over there.

Also, I got a hostee (Nichole) – she’s setting up her subdomain right now and when she’s got it up, I’ll link it somewhere.

How is everyone’s Friday going?

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  1. My class is at 8:30am this morning and my group is supposed to be presenting today… so since we weren’t ready for it… i was up at sfu at 7:30am with my group practicing. -__-” And i slept sometime around 2:30am last night doing a paper… so yeah… how’s my friday? Not so great. I just got home… and it’s 7:30pm…. and now i need to go finish that paper.

    sigh. Just want school to be over…..

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