I woke up, ate breakfast/lunch (this whole crappy-sleep-schedule is going to kill me this week, I fully realize this) and was productive and worked on biology (2 of 3 bonus assignments done!) for an hour before I decide to finally work on the listings site again. Which is open now, by the way. Click here to check it out. Other than that, I’ve cleaned the house a bit, made sure it looks just like how my mom left it two weeks ago and she’s coming home tonight! Yay. Apparently my aunt gave her a bunch of gifts for my sisters and me so I’m excited about that. Plus my mom coming home means that I don’t have to cook 95% of the meals anymore! Yes!

I’m going to go back to noveling until probably around 5pm (so that gives me two hours straight) and I’ll see how far I get. After that, it’ll be dinner and then going to the air port and then coming home and hopefully doing bonus assignment #3 and some studying (… I’m studying more than a week in advanced for an exam? Yes, yes I am. I’m a little crazy sometimes.).

Hope you’re all having an excellent weekend and I’ll be back with my mundane blog entries tomorrow.

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  1. I had one of the least productive Sundays in quite some time…

    I spent most of my day making cakes for the sample lady instead of actually filling up my own case with cakes… I made the manager a birthday cake, cleaned up nearly two hours early to help a co-worker, then left half-an-hour early to catch the bus.

  2. Ohh the listings looks nice! Ill join later.

    Yay for mom coming home and gifts. Gifts are always awesome.

    Its better to study early than not at all.. as I learned.

  3. Happy studying! EEK xD

    You’re nearly there! I hope you finish it soon ^_^

    Haha wooot for your mum coming back. I hate cooking and I SUCK at it. Well done on cleaning too – you sound so busy:)

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