Productive Sundays ftw.

Written on November 23, 2008 at 2:56 pm
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I woke up, ate breakfast/lunch (this whole crappy-sleep-schedule is going to kill me this week, I fully realize this) and was productive and worked on biology (2 of 3 bonus assignments done!) for an hour before I decide to finally work on the listings site again. Which is open now, by the way. Click here to check it out. Other than that, I’ve cleaned the house a bit, made sure it looks just like how my mom left it two weeks ago and she’s coming home tonight! Yay. Apparently my aunt gave her a bunch of gifts for my sisters and me so I’m excited about that. Plus my mom coming home means that I don’t have to cook 95% of the meals anymore! Yes!

I’m going to go back to noveling until probably around 5pm (so that gives me two hours straight) and I’ll see how far I get. After that, it’ll be dinner and then going to the air port and then coming home and hopefully doing bonus assignment #3 and some studying (… I’m studying more than a week in advanced for an exam? Yes, yes I am. I’m a little crazy sometimes.).

Hope you’re all having an excellent weekend and I’ll be back with my mundane blog entries tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Productive Sundays ftw.”

  1. Cody says:

    I had one of the least productive Sundays in quite some time…

    I spent most of my day making cakes for the sample lady instead of actually filling up my own case with cakes… I made the manager a birthday cake, cleaned up nearly two hours early to help a co-worker, then left half-an-hour early to catch the bus.

  2. Kristi says:

    Ohh the listings looks nice! Ill join later.

    Yay for mom coming home and gifts. Gifts are always awesome.

    Its better to study early than not at all.. as I learned.

  3. Georgina says:

    Happy studying! EEK xD

    You’re nearly there! I hope you finish it soon ^_^

    Haha wooot for your mum coming back. I hate cooking and I SUCK at it. Well done on cleaning too – you sound so busy:)

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