This is my 500th blog entry since I opened on October 27th 2007! Yay! And thank you everyone for the 1,069 non-spam comments that I’ve gotten since this site opened.

Just to mention other things… Happy Tuesday! Last Tuesday of lectures of the term. Very excited. There’s a guest lecturer for my A&P class today. Not that I don’t like Dr. H, but a change would be nice once in a while. We’re getting a guest lecturer for that class on Thursday as well (Dr. H’s spouse) to learn about HIV and AIDS. Kind of nitty-gritty serious stuff that we can’t skip because he’s informed us that it’ll be on the final. Whoot? I’m not looking forward to that. But the lectures? Why not? Female reproductive system and STDs ftw.

I’m off to start noveling for about an hour so I hope I can keep up-to-date with my word count. We’ll see about it though. Right now I’m no longer interested in my story, mostly because I kind of want to kill the characters off one by one and have a super lengthy funeral. I shall see if I do that. I’m thinking that Ivan should just jump off of a cliff somewhere. Maybe. And land headfirst somewhere because he was a brilliant one who decided to jump like he’s diving off a diving board? Yum, greymatter.

I hope everyone is having an excellent day that doesn’t involve studying the axial and appendicular musles of various animals in drawings in attempts to pass the lab final that’s worth 20% of your final grade… I hope, anyways. This kind of really bites… Cross your fingers for me on Thursday!

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  1. Congrats on the 500th post. I have no clue what post number I’m at. Then again I only switched over to wp a few months back. lol..

    toes and fingers are cross for ya.. I cant wait until 4.. i get a tour of one of jimmy pattersons new stores..

  2. I’ve always wanted to do NaNoRiMo, but I’ve never had the patience. I started one year and got so sidetracked and tired that I never went on with it. Maybe next year I’ll try again and actually get some where. That would be awesome!

    Congrats on your 500th post, btw!

  3. Yay for 500 posts! I just recently went past my 100th a couple of weeks ago 🙂 Heehee.

    I’m having an excellent day.. well, not so excellent but in fairness i’m still coping with it. Haha.

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