My final for Family Studies (FMST) went well. It’s worth 20% of my final grade (the two midterms were worth 40% each – it’s not cumulative). And I did some math before going into the exam and if I completely bomb up (i.e. get 0% on it), I’ll still pass the course! Yeah! But it went well. The exam was only an hour and a half and people started to leave at around 20 minutes in. I left about an hour into the exam even though I was done at about 35 minutes in.

I have 2 bio exams on Tuesday, and then a psychology exam the following Monday (15th). And then after that it’s shopping, shopping, shopping and crafting, crafting, crafting and content writing for the entire week. I’m kinda excited, despite the fact that it means spending money, spending time and spending more time. It shall be interesting. And I’ll post pictures (unless, of course, I know that the people who will be receiving said items will read my blog, in which case I won’t be posting pictures until after they’ve received – I’m oh so tricky like that).

I hope everyone had anexcellent Saturday and that your Sunday is even better (because mine won’t be, yeah for all day studying of biology!).

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