I’m a huge fan of Christmas. Unfortunately, my family is kind of lacking in that department because the last few years have been more about ‘Well… We get a day off?’ rather than more focused on spending time together or doing family activities. Like setting up the tree, decorating it, looking at the more awesome houses in my neighbourhood with their front yards completely plastered in Santas and reindeer and lights everywhere. Is it wrong that I was always jealous of the other houses because their families actually wanted to celebrate Christmas and wanted to show that Christmas spirit off? Then again, my family isn’t really into any major holiday that’s widely celebrated by the rest of North America. Go figure. But we still do have our own traditions. And they’re kind of cool, albeit a bit different.

For instance, every year my mom somehow gets a poinsettia. I have no clue why, but there’s always someone who gets her one. Or two. I think last year she got four…? Luckily they were all different colours so it wasn’t like too much of the same type of flower, all in a row. Poinsettias are really great, I think, because they’re so just resilient. Like you can do anything to them and they’ll still be cheery and Christmasy even way past December. We still have two poinsettia plants in the house from last year. They’re only green now, instead of green and red or green and pink, I think the other one was. But they’re still pretty.

This year I’m kind of hoping that the people that get poinsettias for my mom changes it up a bit. I was checking out 1-800-Flowers and they have some of the most beautiful arrangements ever. They deliver to the recipient of your choice and the photos of some of their Christmas arrangements are gorgeous. I’m really liking the Winter’s Rose Plant that they have because my mom’s a huge fan of roses and I think she’d really like that. Plus, they would look really nice in my front yard next to the rose plants that we already have.

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  1. My family haven’t decorated for Christmas yet. 🙁 We usually just put up a tree, cards and tinsel round our pictures and mirrors. This man round the corner from us used to have his house plastered with lights. He can’t use that many anymore because it caused the power on the street to go out. 🙁 He still has a few though.

    My mum likes poppies…. of the plastic variety. She isn’t too great with real plants.

  2. Look at it this way – you’re being environmentally friendly by not putting up lights (saves energy), not chopping down innocent oxygen producing trees (always good) and not being washed away in the consumer frenzy (okay, probably bad cause the economy needs money right now). Tada! You just did a good deed.

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