For just one night

I just felt like showing off what my family’s been going on about since Thursday (that’s not related to death or travel plans… because that’s depressing. And I don’t need any help feeling down at the moment.)… The plant above is a Nightblooming cereus. It’s a type of cactus and my mom obtained it via […]

Hey there, sunshine!

On April 1st, I woke up to snow and the fact that there was snow flakes falling from the sky. Today? I woke up to this: Yeah, that’s sunshine! It’s amazing how much the weather changes in less than a week, eh? It was such nice weather today, I spent most of my time (when […]

Daisies, daisies everywhere…

Well, I’d rather that there be daisies everywhere rather than fog and snow and rain and mist and oh my gosh, the slush. I hate the slush. And getting splashed with slush. And rude people on public transit and weird people who stare at me (when I’m sitting next to them, not across from them, […]