Chocolate Skittles. Seriously. I have never seen them before and then I was wandering a dollar store in the mall and there they were. In all their shiny, chocolatey glory. All for a dollar. Other interesting things include a clothing store that was going out of business in which my sister and I went through the clothing and actually managed to find things that we liked and in the right sizes. She got a light blue skirt (that I picked out) and I got a light lime-ish green skirt with a black pattern. Definitely spring/summer wear, unless I can find something to keep my legs warm. And other than that… I’m going to go back to studying memory for my psychology final.

I hope everyone has/had a great Saturday.

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  1. i’ve seen the chocolate skittles but i was thinking NO lol kinda like that fruity v8. i dont know skittles should be fruity and v8 vegetably!
    good luck w/u psych final. I have taken lots of psych in my time.i’m waiting for my emerging tech one on tues(not worried its some dorky bs blogger site that i’ve already had done since sept lol)

  2. Candy makes for amazing study habits. xD Though gum and suck-able candies do help a person think. o_O I’ve never had chocolate Skittles before — now I’m intrigued!

  3. I’ve heard so many people say those things are vile… but, I think they’re pretty good. I’m fairly sure they don’t make them here anymore. (I had a few packs over the summer when they were brand new… only because someone pointed out that, unlike like regular Skittles, they don’t have gelatin.)

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