Monday happenings

I went shopping with my mom and sisters… Light purple heart hoodie with zipper and front pockets – $9.99 from $16.99 Brown hoodie with applique owl and embroidered and appliqued leaves over the front pocket – $5.99 from $10.99 Navy blue ‘boyfriend cardigan’ (says so right on the tag!) – $11.99 from $20.99 Two super-soft […]

Buying clothes because I can’t just walk around naked (duh).

Went clothes shopping today… Under the guise of wanting things that would be appropriate as office wear. Even though I am well aware that I’ll be dressy casual for (at most) a week and then revert back to tees, jeans and cardigans or hoodies. But both make me look awesome, so yay. New dress. Ends […]

Retail therapy and ‘dressing my age’

Store #1: 4 pomegranates for $8.99 (~$2.25/each) Store #2: 2 pomegranates for $0.98 (~$0.49/each) All pomegranates were approximately the same size/weight, they were all also from the same state in the US (according to the label) and were all found in nearby stores in the same city where I live. Yet one store has them […]