@ Lauren, Jenna and James – chocolate Skittles aren’t the same as M&M’s  (which is good, or else I would have felt the need to buy M&M’s or Smarties instead). They have the same texture as regular Skittles, just with chocolate-related flavours. The flavours were: vanilla (absolutely horrible), s’mores (more marshmallow-ish than anything else in terms of flavour), caramel (getting better), chocolate (did taste like chocolate, so I wasn’t turned off by it) and brownie (it tasted like chocolate with nuts, so it won overall). And speaking of Skittles, I’ve run out (actually, I ran out last night, but that’s another story).

And since I don’t really have any thing to say beyond ‘studying for my psychology final is kind of lame’, you all get a snippet of the most absurd conversation ever. About cows, no less.

C: Well, I’ll be back. Going grazing.
M: Grazing?
C: You know… mooooooo… cow… grazing…
M: I know what a cow is.
C: I’m going to go get something to eat and drink.
M: But ‘going grazing’?
C: You know, cows graze in a field. I’m going grazing…
C: Do you get it?
C: Well? Do you?
M: Yes, I do.
C: Hehehehe.
M: You think you’re so cute sometimes.
C: I’ll be back in a bit.
C: And I am.
M: You are such a dork, it’s not even funny.
C: It is a little bit, or else you wouldn’t be smiling right now.
M: … Shut up.

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  1. The chocolate skittles sound pretty gross :-\
    When I first saw the commercial for them, I thought they would not be very good anyway, haha.

    The cow conversation made me LOL.

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