Go ahead and snag it if you want. I figured it’s about as much holiday cheer I can muster up at the moment. My house is currently lacking: a tree, decorations of the Christmas variety (However, the Valentines’ heart window clings? Still up and have been for several years.) and Christmas baking. Why is my house lacking Christmas baking when I made over 25 dozen cookies by now? Because I give them away. Or my father eats it before I wake up in the morning. There’s a small pile of presents in front of my television at the moment (my new tree, I suppose? I guess I could take garland and frame it) that I put there this morning after digging the bag out from my closet, which is always fun. Speaking of my closet, I’m beginning to realize that I have begun a small collection of clothes that I buy but rarely/never wear. For example, I have 8 skirts that I own but never wear, 3 dresses that I love and adore but I’ve only ever worn one of them and erm… 17 scarves but I only have one neck to which I can wear them around so… umm… yeah. Maybe I should stop crocheting scarves and keeping them, eh?

Speaking of which, my mom’s Christmas present is finished! My sister and I decided to make her a scarf and hat set. I made the scarf (it’s a short one, so there’s an accompanying matching pin) and she made the hat that goes with it. Same yarn, we used up the last two balls that we had of that particular colour yarn, whoot. Plus it’s comfy too and soft. So… Fingers crossed that she likes them!

And tomorrow morning, I’m getting up bright and early and making cookies. Why? Because I want Christmas cookies on Christmas Day (and my father keeps on eating them to the point that I have none left in the house).

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