My sister came home for Christmas! She’s here until New Years (she leaves on January 1st – apparently it’s cheap to travel on holiday dates). I also got season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy (to go with seasons 1, 2 and 3). I got a cupcake recipe book and it has so many different recipes, I don’t even know where to begin! (Buying some granulated sugar would probably be an excellent start though.) I’m also getting a digital camera (… unfortunately the Powers That Be – my parents – are reluctant to purchase a Nikon D40 for me as it is “expensive” and “heavy” and I’m “not going to use it”). A Sony Cybershot, it’s a bit of an upgrade from the one that we currently have. The new one has 8.1 mega pixels with 5x optical zoom, the old one is 7.2 mega pixels with 3x optical zoom and a permanent black mark in the area upper left hand corner of all photographs after a little tiny incident with lense cleaner being dripped directly onto the lense of the camera… Yay for getting a camera that’s not damaged? And hello $10 shipping and delivery fee, so much easier than heading out tomorrow in the rain and/or snow in order to line up before 6am in order to get into a store.

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