Thoughts on university (and other things)

More news on the pre-nursing school front! I handed in my immunization records. Luckily my mom’s pretty good with the record keeping and I had all of my childhood records! No need to get a million polio shots! I got a MMR shot[1. Measles, Mumps and Rubella] because I never got a second vaccination against […]

Smile, don’t kill anyone.

People have told me that working in customer service is a thankless job and it really is. The only calls I get are people who are wondering where their order is, why it wasn’t correct according their paper work, why is their order late? The only calls I get from people who are nice are […]

Busy bee on a sunny Saturday

Today seemed fairly short, which was good and bad. Good because it felt like the day went by quickly and that I did a lot. Bad because it’s the weekend and who ever wants the weekend to go by quickly? I got my stitches removed at the dentist, it was a very quick procedure (maybe […]