I’d like to inform everyone that it is incredibly rude to barge into the bedroom that belongs to your daughter and then start demanding to know why your daughter is recording something on the television because you want to turn off the cable box. Because if you would just read the manual for said cable box, you would realize that you can figure out how to find out what show is being recorded. And if you did that, you would realize that I was not the one who set the recording and it was your other daughter, the one that you never yell at. Further more, it’s also rude to barge into the bedroom of your daughter, start demanding to know why she’s recording something on the cable box and then not apologize when you have been informed that you are mistaken. It’s also rude to barge in without knocking, to yell at someone while they are talking on the phone and to start going off about how all I do is watch television when I watch exactly 3 shows on a regular basis (and two of those are just once a week). But, after living with you for over nineteen yaers, I realize that you don’t find this rude and I highly doubt that your personality, your demeanor or your manners are ever going to change and nor can you ever admit when you are wrong.

Only 3.5 more years until I can move out…

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  1. Sorry to hear about that >(
    Sometimes I hate when people accuse me of doing something without even investigating or bothering to find out further information.. whether it be family or friends.

    My dad has trouble admitting he’s wrong.

    I have no idea when I can move out; I was given a face equivalent to “:O” when I asked if I could rent an apartment with mates. I was only thirteen, I didn’t even know jack. Now that I’ve changed my mind totally, it’s still like it’s valid.

  2. hey michelle 🙂 happy new year my friend
    love the layout (oh my i havent commented since you updated your layout. smack me)
    i got luck and moved out when i was 20(almost 21) and my parents were more loony than yours. at least you can have friends and go places!

  3. Sorry to hear that… I know what it’s like growing up with my brother has been like that.. When the family was together over christmas it was back to the same old ways were I just wanted to belt him in areas that will hurt him (lol)


  4. Sorry to hear about that=/ A bit rude, much? I mean, sure, she might have been angry (even though it’s over a simple video recording), but that doesn’t give her the right to jump to conclusions and blame you. And it was so very nice of her to apologize to you before storming off. That drives me insane, when that happens=/

  5. Ugh. I’m really sorry dear.. that’s awful. People are so stubborn and hate admitting they’re wrong..

    You could potentially move out now.. but it’s difficult to go to school and own a place. But having a roommate..


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