My arms and legs are no longer red and splotchy and itchy today! I’m back to my regular “No, I hardly ever get any sun – it’s hard to read my laptop screen in bright sunlight, thanks” complexion. At least for my legs. My arms still have a bit of a tan left over from the summer. But my legs? Kinda sickly looking compared to my arms, to be perfectly honest. At least they’re no longer covered with random splotches of red itchiness. Hooray for that.

Today was spent… Ignoring my father’s comments about how my sisters and I are socially incapable of finding “proper boys” to date. Then again, it’s not that we’re incapable of it. It’s just that their definition of proper and our definition of proper are two very different things.  But today was the last day of my winter holidays before the start of second term tomorrow in the late morning. Which isn’t that bad, considering the fact that I only have two classes tomorrow and that means I’ll only be in lectures for two hours (mmm, English literature). The problem is that I did a bank transfer to pay for my second term tuition (credit cards aren’t allowed – debit is, but only online or in person and line-ups are going to be insane and I don’t believe my debit limit is high enough to cover it) on the 29th but the bank note states that the transfer will be done on the 30th (… Don’t ask, banks are odd at times). And it’s only supposed to take 2 business days for the transfer to complete and for it to be credited to my account at school. It’s been… 3 business days, still no credit. I still have my payment slip and the bank slip stating that the money was transferred, so I have proof that I did pay for the term so I can contest it if it doesn’t get credited by the last day that tuition is due without having interested charged (the 7th – Wednesday). So I’m going to wait until tomorrow night to see if it’s credited to my account and if not, I’ll annoy the people at the administration building until they credit my account. I really cannot afford to pay tuition twice.

That being said, I’m looking forward to my English literature class (yes, another one) that’s covering years and years worth of literature written by dead people. So excited for that. I’m also excited to unload my biology textbooks on people. I need to pay for my books for English somehow!

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  1. Thanks for reminding me that I have to pay tuition soon-ish >.<
    It’s a good thing you’re paying early. You have plenty of time to figure out what happened if something did go wrong.

  2. I’m glad your skin started behaving itself. I hope that everything gets straightened out with your tuition. Man, I always had problems paying tuition. You’d think if there was one things schools could keep track of it was their money, but no. 😛

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