My literature professor swore quite adamantly today. My class ends 10 minutes before the next class (the schedule works out so that we can all get to our next classes, if we have them, and the next class can get settled in before it starts). Well, it’s supposed to end 10 minutes before.

But we were all a bit engrossed into watching Monty Python since we’ve been reading about King Arthur and whatnot. So no one realized that we went past the time for our class. And five minutes into the next. My prof just looked at his watch when the professor for the next class politely knocked and stepped and went “Oh shit, shit, shit! I’ve gone over time! More about Gwen’s adultery with Lancelot next time!”

And that is why I love my literature class.

More on my camera: It’s beautiful. I love it. I have a screen protector on it (with a few bubbles, I gave up after a while) and I’m going to be getting a case that’s a bit more secure than velcro and actually has pockets for spare batteries and memory cards this weekend. Along with a 4gb card for my camera since, right now, it only has room for 4 photos.

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