Cubicle girl

I am now the proud occupant of a cubicle at work. It’s kinda interesting, it got set up pretty quickly considering today’s my third day at work. So I’ve spent a lot of time on the computer today, attempting to get work done. I’ll get more done tomorrow though, and then it’ll be Friday. I’ve […]

In one ear and out the other

This is what I’d let to get clear, straight off the bat: When I told my family that I had an 8:30am exam this morning, I was not kidding. When I told my family that I was going to bed at 10pm last night and would appreciate that they not be obnoxiously loud, I was […]

I vote for the sun to move indoors

My front yard now looks like crap (to me!) as it’s not quite a ‘stump’ in my yard, but it’s not a ‘tree’, either. All the major branches have been cut off. Most of the trunk on both sides (the tree kinda split, might have been two? But they intertwined, so I always considered it […]