So I spent like… nearly the entire three hours in my biology lab this morning. It was kind of killer because it involved me being on an exercise bike, I kid you not! The bicycle had zero resistance and then it turned out that the bicycle uses batteries (and there were none, of course) so the TA went to get the prof and then the prof had to rushing over to the bookstore and buy a bunch of batteries (the bicycle takes twelve [12] C-batteries, ouch). But it went okay, nothing too strenuous except for the fact that I actually had to exercise. In front of people. So much work sometimes…

In other awesome news, I had this great conversation with the Boyfriend about where we want to travel to or live. But he thinks I have too many aspirations for future traveling. Like wanting to go rent apartment kiev (Kiev is a city in Ukraine, by the way) (wonderful grammar –  I do apologize). But I don’t know, it’d be kind of cool to stay in a foreign country for a month or something. Just going to a country for a week doesn’t really allow you to experience it fully.

But other than that, today’s been going pretty well. Woke up late. Got to school early (still??). My dad’s having tests done today. I’m going to feel so bad for every single negative thing that I’ve ever said or thought about him if the tests come back with bad results though… Maybe I should consider attempting to be a less horrible daughter? Can I mentally will myself to be less horrible? Guess I’ll have to see!

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  1. I hate doing fitness tests in front of people.. 12 batteries ouch!

    Travel and live like a local is always ideal. But I suggest learning some of the native tongues before heading off..

    Hope your dads tests come back positive

  2. hey. i’m like the poltergeist. i’m here lol
    sorry i’ve been MIA other than twitter lately, but school started and i got sick and it just wasnt good.
    i dont think your horrible. just because you think badly of some of the things that he says/does doesnt mean anything.
    hope everything is well though

  3. I hope your dad’s tests come back alright. I guess you would feel bad, he is your father after all. 🙂

    Gurk, exercising in front of everyone? I’d be embarrassed.

    I would looooove to travel. James and I talk about going places all the time. It always ends with a “someday”. Thanks to strict parents and blah-dee-blah.

  4. Hope your Dad’s test results turn out okay. I have/have had family members with cancer and it’s hard.Really hard.

    Bicycle? That sounds like kinesiology not bio.

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