Love of chocolate (and books!)

Ahem… In reference to my last post, that whole thing about never having had chocolate before? That was my example. To emphasis what I meant. Sort of. Ish. I didn’t actually mean that I’ve never had chocolate before. I have. In fact, I love it. Chocolate cake, hot chocolate, peanut M&Ms, Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream, […]

The novelty of chocolate (sort of)

Have you ever done something for the first time ever and then after the novelty is still there and it’s almost all you can think about? Like it becomes some sort of unhealthy obsession (maybe obsession is a bit too strong of a word, but it’s the only thing that I can think of right […]

Always really cheerful

So I arrived at school today at around 1:15pm (I don’t have class until later, but if I take another bus, I’ll end up being late for class, and that’s no good). The lecture hall was empty except for one other person who was watching random Youtube videos on his laptop, so I spent my […]