So I arrived at school today at around 1:15pm (I don’t have class until later, but if I take another bus, I’ll end up being late for class, and that’s no good). The lecture hall was empty except for one other person who was watching random Youtube videos on his laptop, so I spent my time reviewing my chemistry notes. Because I was incredibly determined to do well on my midterm that was tonight (from 7-8).

Cue my friend, that was mentioned in my last post. She shows up and sits down next to me. Now, by this time, the lecture hall is almost full and there’s very little empty seats that aren’t in the middle of long rows (and a pain in the ass to get to them). So it’s not like I can move. I didn’t think that she would sit with me since she normally a) skips class or b) sits in the back with her boyfriend (who isn’t in our chemistry class). I was sitting in the half of the class that was closest to the front.

So she sits down next to me and goes “Michelle… [she was shaking my arm at this point] I’m totally going to fail!!”

I just looked up at her and go “… Okay?”

She looked offended, and asked me what got me in such a mood because I’m “always happy to see” her and “always really cheerful”. I tell her that nothing happened (because it didn’t, I just can’t be bothered to have sympathy for people who dig themselves into a place where they can’t get out, despite knowing what they were doing). So she starts guessing things that could have potentially happened. And every single thing that she guessed had to do with the boyfriend (who’s name completely escaped her, by the way – she kept on calling him Colin, guess it’s close… One letter in common!).

So her reasons for why I was not in a good mood today was: because he’s cheating on me, because we broke up, because he ran over my dog (… I don’t have a dog.), because he’s moving to Australia (…), because he snores and I didn’t get much sleep last night (he does, but I’ve never actually slept in the same bed as him, so umm, yeah).

So what I learned today, courtesy of my classmate/friend from chemistry/biology: I am always, always in a good mood and if I’m not, it’s because the Boyfriend did something. Colin will be so pleased to hear that, not sure about Clay though.

And, for those who are curious, I think my test went relatively well. 3 questions, 7 parts for the first question, 15 for the second and 8 for the third. That kinda killed me on the inside when I saw the cover and it said “Number of questions: 3”. Way to be depressing, professors!

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  1. I completely despise it when they have parts to a test like that. The type that really annoys me is:
    1.a)i. ii. iii.
    b)i. ii. iii. (and seriously.. the list goes up to like, h) or something.)

    Yes, who Colin? Colin yes. But being in a good mood is great. If I’m in a bad mood myself, I wouldn’t tell anyone why *shifty eyes*

    But, that was rather.. strange.. how she proceeded to guess what happened between you and this certain Colin. Who Colin?

    Haha, that’s the thing I’m worried about. Renewing domains. Yeck! I’m okay with one.. I only have to pat $12 a year or whatever.. I think.. no big deal, that’s just 4 pieces of sushi for a year. Wootwoot. But then when I think of making more, that matter comes up 😛

  2. Its her fault not yours for her failing.. Hopefully she’ll smarten up. And if she wants to be buddy, buddys with someone learn the names of whom your dating.

    I was like that too back in high school, always had the smile and in a cheerful mood and the days I wasn’t smiling, people would be asking me whats wrong when nothing was.

  3. I hate those questions too. With all different parts to them. makes you feel “Oh no”-ish when you got like a zillion questions and a quadzillion mini parts to the questions. Arghhh.

  4. Wow she just sounds like she’s a flake. I would have been pissed off at her and not happy to see her either. Like I said before, she got herself into this mess and it’s not your problem to try and dig her out. It’s pretty rude of her to assume you should help her.

    Glad you thought you did alright.

  5. Wow, well I wouldn’t let it bother you. People like her are destined to be doomed from the start.

    I dont get people like that, I really dont.

    Hope you did amazing though 🙂

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