So I’ve been working on a new theme for ( already has a new one!) and it’s kind of going… umm… no where fast? I can’t get the colours to a point where I actually like it. Guess I’ll work on it more tomorrow after school if I get a chance.

I’m chatting with the boyfriend via webcam and he just told me that he was thinking of how ‘great’ I am. And my response to that question was “Am I?”. What really quantifies how great a person is? What kind of qualities do I possess that make me worthy of being great? Is it the way I act or the things that I do or say? Is it just to do with how biased he is about his opinion regarding my ‘greatness’ or the lack of it? Do I really qualify for the description or is just something that he feels that he needs to say since we’re dating andΒ  he likes me?

Something tells me that I’m reading too much into it.

Why can I not just take a compliment as a compliment and just smile and nod and be pleased?

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  1. Ooh, good luck making a new theme. I’d love to see different colours πŸ˜›

    Well, we all take such compliments differently. I don’t know about you, but only if I’m doubtful do I look pretty deep and ask why, or if I have low self esteem. So it’s up to you what you do; he doesn’t get narky when you question him, does he?

  2. Haha sorry about the purpley pink in my layout. I was trying to use all the colours I could. Should it go altogether, or be darker? (If it’s lighter it can’t be seen, hahaha.)

  3. Oh Michelle. I miss you πŸ™

    I havent been reading your blogs.. or anyone else’s for that matter.. and I’ve barely been blogging myself. I’ve been a terrible affiliate and I haven’t been doing well with MN (Im trying to change name servers right now though). FAIL real life and FAIL internet life.

    I dot hink of you though. I read your last entry real quick..cracked me up. Ohh, how I miss you.

    Anyway.. just stopping in to say Im moderately alive and Im sorry. I hope things are going well for you (personal life, school, clay, etc).

  4. You know, he might just really really like you~

    Anyway, you know how girls like to ask,”What do you like about me?” Apparently guys really hate that question because they just like you, for you. So don’t worry so much^^;

  5. I hate being called ‘affie’. I don’t mind being linked as an ‘affie’ but I do hate comments saying ‘hey affie’. U_U

    Haha I totally agree – a “tutorial” with copy-and-paste pointless codes everyone knows. πŸ˜›

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