I registered for a seminar/conference at school that’s limited seating for students that want to go into health care (doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, etc.). Well, by ‘registered’ I mean I sent them an email saying that I was interested in it and gave my name. I’m still waiting for a reply. But I’m kind of excited for it, since there’s going to be representatives from people that work in admissions for those programs and schools at this conference. Time to introduce myself to whoever’s in charge of admissions to nursing. I think I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it, meep!

So I started to actively begin to look for a summer job for after I finish the semester. Is it me or is everyone asking for previous experience in just about everything? Department stores are asking for previous experience for working in sales (not even upscale ones either…) and almost all of the job listings that I have found online are for jobs that require a minimum one year contract with the company. I mean, in times of economic downward spirals, having an almost-guaranteed job for a year is great, but none of the positions are part-time and I can’t do full-time for a full year. Should finding a job be this difficult? I’m going to be applying for a few positions at school as well, but I’m kind of hoping that I can find something a bit more convenient, all that traveling… Oh well. Money is money is money, right?

And I’d like to leave off with a hypothetical situation:

Let’s say that there’s a girl. Let’s call her Jane. Jane works at an office and one of her co-workers is named Ian. Ian’s is very welcoming to Jane on her first day at work and he’s nice to her. Yay, Jane makes a friend. Now, all of Jane and Ian’s other coworkers are welcoming towards Jane as well, however they all warn Jane that she shouldn’t become friends with Ian. Being a kind individual, Jane decides to give Ian the benefit of the doubt until he does something that makes her see him in a different light. Fast forward in time. Jane is on good terms with everyone at work. Ian, is not. Ian makes sexual overtures to Jane in an ‘Ian could be slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit’ type of way, if Jane were to report Ian to her supervisor or the CEO. But Jane doesn’t. This sexual harassment goes on for two months and Jane tells no one. Fast forward a little bit more. Jane decides to leave this place of work for another company. Everyone’s sad to see Jane goes, but off she goes. Two months later, Jane hears that Ian has been fired from the company that she used to work at. Nobody knows why Ian has been fired and Jane is worried that he was fired because he made sexual overtures towards someone that actually put an end to it. Jane has a guilty conscience that she didn’t speak up about it early (despite not knowing the reasons behind Ian’s termination at work).

In this situation, is it rational for Jane to feel guilt over not reporting Ian when the sexual harassment began when, technically, she does not know why Ian was fired?

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  1. Hope you get a reply to that email soon!

    I don’t know if ‘rational’ is the right word.. firstly, she doesn’t know why Ian was fired, so it’s not right to jump to conclusions in the first place. Even if we assume that’s why he was fired, she should probably feel bad for the victim of Ian’s harrassment. So she shouldn’t feel ‘guilty’ unless she knows why he was fired.

  2. Ooh, I hope that you get to go! 😀

    Hmm, well, we can’t jump to conclusions on why Ian was fired, so Jane shouldn’t feel exactly guilty about that, I think. However, no matter what his circumstances were, I do think that Jane should have reported him before she left, so that something like that wouldn’t happen again. And, if he was fired for another reason, a new company won’t know about his bad behavior.

    And 45,000 students? O_O That’s enormous!! 13,000 is our student population. How big is your campus? :O

  3. Good luck with getting into that seminar!!!

    I know about the job thing. I need a job in that field to get a job in that field at a beginner level….Say what? It’s pretty illogical.

    Jane shouldn’t feel guilty. She only feel guilty for not hitting Ian with some slightly blunt object. Although, she should have reported it. It’s hard to feel responsible for another persons actions.

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