All the things I love Android Apps

So now that I’ve had my phone for about a month, lets talk about it. For starters, I love it. (If you don’t remember, I got the Samsung Galaxy S3.) I’m primarily a texter, I always have been. I just don’t talk on the phone very much and it’s a lot easier for me to […]

A self-made rainbow & full acceptance

I went shopping on the weekend for school supplies. I love getting new supplies, mostly because there’s something satisfying about having all new things. And as far as school supplies goes, it can be a cheap thrill sometimes. I got a whole bunch of duo-tangs in a full rainbow of colours for a dime a […]

Getting in was just step #1

There are a lot of things to do before right now and when I actually start the program. It’s still kind of a rush, I’m still coming to terms with the whole idea that I actually got in. You guys, I’m going to be a Student Nurse. But things I’m doing this month (May) include: […]