Cast of Characters:
P – Professor
C – Class (about 40 or so students)

P: So today we’re going to be talking about the play Mankind. Did anyone have any comments or concerns that they wanted to bring up before we get started?
C: …
P: Well then, Mankind is an allegorical play, for starters. The author is unknown. Now for the broadview look at the play…
C: *shuffle sounds as 40-ish people pull out their texts*
P: Although we’re not looking at the Broadview, we’re looking at the Longman. *chuckles*
C: *class stares at him*
P: You get it, don’t you? Broadview Anthology, Longman Anthology…? It’s a play on the names of the textbooks…? *chuckles*
C: *one person chuckles softly – not sure if it was at the professor or at the joke*
P: … Alright then… Note to self, no longer make jokes about textbooks… Not my best work, I’m afraid… *more chuckling*
C: *one girl puts up her hand*
P: Yes, did you have something that you wanted to say?
C: Yeah… Could you refrain from textbook jokes, it’s kinda weird…
P. *blinks* Right then! *turning a bit red now* Mankind, which is right near the back of your books…

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