So, I’ve had a few password protected posts lately… Kind of all linked together with the very similar post titles and all. So… If you’d like to potentially gain access to the super sappiness that is my Awkward Happiness post collection, please mention it here and I’ll shoot off an email for you. And that’s all I’m going to say about that right now.

I think my father needs a job. After get laid off (and having been laid off for months now), he’s not actively searching for a job. I don’t think he’s even attempted to find a job yet. He spends all of his time either at home, at the local recreational centre (he swims and bought an annual pass after he’d been laid off), or at my uncle’s (who is retired, because he’s older, not because he lost his job). Or he needs a hobby. A hobby that does not consist of asking my sisters and myself why we’re not married and producing offspring for him to play with yet, why I’m always printing things (not true). He also needs a hobby that doesn’t consist of him going through my things (which he does, on a weekly basis), critiquing the clothes that belong to any of his daughters or consist of him informing us that we’re going to have to ‘support’ him and my mother when they’re both (officially) retired (I thought RRSPs were supposed to do that job for you?). So…

Questions for you:
1. What kind of hobbies would you suggest for my dad?
2. What kind of hobbies do you do yourself?

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  1. 1. I can’t think of any hobbies for an older man. My dad doesn’t really seem to have many hobbies. At least not anymore. My parents used to be into card games and puzzles and things.

    2. I bake, collect toys, write postcards and pen-pal letters, swap online and blog.

    …and if you don’t mind, I’d like to see your protected posts. 🙂

  2. 1. Based on his current hobbies I’d suggest going through the neighbours trash to find out as much as he can about them (it’s like going through your stuff, but better!)

    On a more serious note, going back to school. Become more proficient in English by taking some English courses at a college somewhere. SFU has a good business writing program that could be helpful to anyone. It would get him out of the house and be a nice addition to the resume.
    Also, if he likes your baking so much, perhaps he could learn to bake.

    2. I read, write, play online word games (more often than I will ever admit) and spend hours browsing the internet. Clearly I don’t have a many hobbies.

  3. I forgot the password again ^^;

    1) Some recreational sport perhaps. Something that gets him out of the house more.
    2)Drawing, listening to music, reading blogs, and books; watching anime and cartoons; reading manga and playing my DS every now and then.

  4. Wow, I’m sorry about your Dad. Stuff like that is always rough. 🙁

    1. Perhaps reading or listening to audio tapes? I know my Dad always disappears with headphones whenever he’s real stressed.
    2. Writing, reading, baking, drawing, walking, dancing, finding new music.

    Good luck!

  5. If you don’t mind, I’d like to read those posts. :]

    Oh, boy, that must be annoying…he really does need a hobby. o.o

    1. Well, I always suggest reading, but, of course, that’s not always everyone’s cup of tea, so maybe he’d like some sort of craft? If he likes working with his hands, maybe he can get into some fort of wood-working, or making models?
    2. Haha, I’m always reading, writing, playing video games, and doing things online. 😀

  6. I do the password protected entries thing occasionally too. There are some things you just don’t want the whole WWW to know, ya know?

    Your father sounds bored. I know when I’m out of a job I get the same way… I usually search for a job first but if nothing comes along after awhile of searching, I just give up for awhile.

    1. What kind of hobbies would you suggest for my dad? It really depends on his interests! Everybody’s father is different. My father enjoys working on things, fixing broken things, stuff like that.

    2. What kind of hobbies do you do yourself? Photography, painting, DIYing, stuff like that.

  7. My dads hobbies are:
    1. His chickens.. he’s obsessed
    2. Dog breeding – well I think he’s had to embrace it really seen as it’s his wifes new thing..
    3. Spending stupid money on stupid designer handbags for his spoilt brat of a wife.

    :/ I don’t think that was very helpful.. sorry.

    My hobbies.. well clubbing I suppose and music in general.. going to festivals and whatnot.

    I’m putting a picture of the dress up now 🙂

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