I was talking to my friend B today and she was telling me how she’s going to be splurging money on this brand of makeup because (and this was her justification) “even though it’s expensive, a portion will go to support research!” That annoyed me, for so many reasons.

It’s one thing to purchase a product (that you were going to buy anyways) and just happen to have the fringe benefit of some money (very little of it) going towards a good cause. It’s another thing to go out of your way to go and drop a lot of money on something just because the company wants to make a nice charity donation and get a tax write-off. What kind of justification is it for you to go and buy something ‘because’ money will go towards something?

If you want to support something (and that’s how my friend B was making it sound like), then go ahead and donate money to that organization directly. They’re not going to care if you just donate $2 or $50, because non-profit organizations and organizations that do research need the money. But using the fact that a company’s donating $0.10 for every $10 that you spend in their store to justify your purchases (because a small portion goes towards research, small being 1%) is a very poor reason for your purchase in the first place.

Just own up to the fact that yes, you want to get this product and it happens to support research. Don’t expect people to think that you’re being selfless when all you really want is to get new eyeshadow.

Maybe I’m a touch cynical, but at least I’ll be honest. I don’t buy things just because it ‘supports’ a cause. I buy things because I want or need them. And if I believe in a cause, I’ll donate money to them directly.

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  1. That was kind of funny but totally true. I’d just donate. Like, pop it into those donation boxes.

    You know those lollies you buy, or those badges for cancer, and so on? I buy those because I know ALL the money goes to the charity, and I get a little something too. Even if all my cancer ribbons have gotten lost in my room, I buy from those little things all the time. I find it different from those RANDOM things that donate a PORTION to research.

    But yes, I think we should just admit it when we’re buying something we want – and it just happens to support research.

  2. I like charity shops, you can get one off bargins which are ultra retro for scuba low prices. WOOO.

    I agree with you though on the whole issue, if you are gonna buy it, buy it, don’t try and justify it! x

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