I get roped into some of the most absurd conversations with my friend J from psychology (he’s the one that, silly him, got his foot run over by a car at a crosswalk). Today was no exception as we were sitting outside of the lecture hall and waiting for the class before ours to leave so that we can stake out our usual seats. And then he starts lamenting about the fact that he’s single. And why, oh why, can he never find a girlfriend. So this conversation occurred (I hope you’re in an area where you can freely laugh right now).

J: Why can’t I ever find a girl who likes me?
M: … Have you considered not hitting on them within two seconds of meeting them?
J: Well, no, sometimes they want nothing to do with me even when I’m not like harsh hitting on them.
M: Maybe it’s because you keep on asking out girls that have engagement rings on their fingers…?*
J: No, I don’t think that’s it…
M: Really? Because I think them being in a serious relationship just might have something to do with the fact that they don’t want to date you.
J: Maybe they think I’m fat. Or too short. Or too tall.
M: How tall are you again?
J: Umm… [insert height here], why?
M: Oh, then you’re definitely too short then. Not quite sure what you do that do about that.
J: Take growth hormones?
M: Chances are your bones will just get thicker, not longer.
J: Damn it.
M: Have you considered just talking to a girl and seeing if you like her first before asking her out?
J: … That only works in the movies, Michelle.
M: … I think that’s your problem right there, J. Now, hand over the cupcake.

* This has happened 4 times to him already. Apparently he keeps on ‘missing’ the rings on their left ring fingers.

Anyways, in other awesome news… My parents are currently negotiating about the potential purchase of one purebred Tibetan Mastiff. My dad went to see a breeder today. Apparently there’s two puppies (one male, one female) and they’re only about 3 weeks old right now, so if we get a dog, we’d have to wait a little bit longer in order to actually bring it home. Not quite sure what brought on this sudden need to have a canine in the family, but I guess I’ll have to get over my fear of dogs if we decide to get a dog? Not sure who’s going to be doing most of the dog-related chores. It so better not be me though, because I’d much rather have a cat or a ferret. Or, you know, not a dog that’ll grow up and be larger than I am.

And thank you for all the well wishes for me to get better, I’m feeling a lot better today. Granted, I didn’t go into volunteering (but I don’t think they’d appreciate me very much if I did!), but I’m going to have to see if I’ll be around sick people next week and see if I can go in.

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  1. How in the world do you ask out FOUR engaged women? XD I would think that after the second time he would start obsessively checking the left hand of every new woman he met. I would, at least. 😛

    Ooo, a puppy! 😀 Personally, I’m much more a cat person, but I do like dogs. If you do get it, I want to see pictures! ^_^ But I do agree with you that big dogs can be pretty intimidating. o.o

    Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. 😀

  2. you want a jack russell with slight psychological problems? he has seperation anxiety. if someone had patience and time to work with him he’d be fine. david and i seriously are prob gonna have to get rid of him 🙁

    i had some guys miss these rings on my left hand as well. its amazing.

  3. Haha that’s pretty funny. It’s even funnier how sometimes people don’t see things about themselves until they’re told.

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