I brought my laptop to school today, I normally don’t on Wednesdays because I usually never have a whole lot of time to be perusing the interwebs and typing up my notes in my Wednesday classes doesn’t work as well as hand-written notes do. But, I did, so I was reading up on blogs and sitting outside of one of the classes that I had today and then A and K sit down next to me and they’re there early too. And then this exchange occurs.

A: You have your laptop with you today!
K: Ohmigawwwwwd, she does!
M: Hey… [insert coughing fit]
A: You can show us a picture of the Boyfriend!
K: You can!
M: [coughing fit] Erm…
K: Just one!
A: Or two!
M: [mumbles something about not knowing where her photos are kept – I’m such a bad liar]
K: Just one!

[insert about 12 minutes of constant questioning from A and K – I have no sense of patience, whatsoever – don’t ask why I arrive so early for class, I don’t know]

M: [shows them one photo]
A: Oh wow.
K: He’s really cute!
M: [closes window]
K: So umm, if he looks like that, why the hell is he with you?
M: [choking on water]
A: K! You can’t just say stuff like that.
M: [can breathe again] So, umm, you’re a total bitch. Why the hell is S with you?
A: [laughter]
K: [sputters and doesn’t answer]

It was an awesome way to start my morning, I’ll be perfectly honest. Plus, you know, the look on K’s face at my come-back…

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  1. “K” has ruined my letter.
    P.S. – you and your bf are a good match. Despite the height difference =P

  2. Oh snap! I’m very impressed. You tore that bitch apart and still stayed classy! I would have just told her to suck it, personally… haha. I’m a little rash. 🙂 Way to go

  3. Hahhaha. You should have just said you didn’t keep any photos on your laptop! Ah, poo.

    Hahaa you got K back. 😀
    People always ask James how he got me. 😐

  4. How rude! They asked you to show them a picture of your boyfriend, so they should appreciate that you’re showing them. You knocked K hard!

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