Many thanks to Anna for mentioning that it is possible to have realistic-looking mermaid tails… Guess I’ll have to amend my story – I won’t be going to jail after all for lying about having mermaids for children! Oh, my life is going to turn out great.

Today, my psychology lecture was canceled (yay? I was rather excited! Haha, sleeping in is one of my best hobbies, after all), so I only had my English class. Which went well. I handed in my essay. Half of the class had title pages, the other half (in which I was a part of) did not. He specifically said not title pages so… We shall see what happens there. Maybe he won’t bring it up…?

I headed to this store today with my sister. They sell a lot of craft things. A lot of fabric, thread, zippers, ribbons, trimmings. There was so much vintage trimming it was insane – there was this huge roll of trimming that had a copyright date from the 1930s and it was selling for $0.25/metre. If I had use for trimming that had yellow cows on a pink background, I totally would have bought some. My sister and I were hoping for a really good selection of safety eyes (for making plushies!), but they only had green and orange (not even basic black!) which was really disappointing. I picked up two mixed bag of buttons for $2/each. In total it was 1.5lbs of buttons (I weighed it out after I got home). I just finished sorted them and I’m looking forward to having new amigurumis with giant gold button eyes soon.

They also had a limited selection of yarn. The yarn I was hoping to get (for making amigurumis with) was in horrible colour selection (a pale highlighter-yellow and this nausea-inducing green). Instead, I picked up… 4 skeins of Red Heart Whirly in ‘Spirit’ and 3 skeins of Red Heart Cozy Wool in ‘Windsor Blue’. I looked up both labels on the Red Heart website and they weren’t mentioned – perhaps they were discontinued? Which is a real pity, because the Whirly yarn is really soft – I’m definitely seeing a new scarf in my future! On top of that, I got a (further) discounted package of 5 skeins of this really light, fluffy, mohair-nylon blend… When I got home, I seriously just opened it and just squished it in my hands, it’s that wonderful. I was fairly tame in my yarn shopping in comparison to my sister, who managed to pick up nearly double the amount (and price) of yarn that I got.

And we’ve officially run out of room in our collective yarn stash. We have everything sorted into zipped, clear bags in a set of 6 drawers (that are right underneath a bed in a spare room) and they are now all full to the point where we actually have to be careful and put in effort to close the drawers.

She thinks it’s a sign that we need to stop buying yarn.

I think it’s a sign that we obviously just need more storage space.

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