@ Caity – Really? Wow. Now the question is:  how did it hold up in water…? I’m trying to think of what type of yarn they could have possibly used… Wool’s water repellent, but too warm in the summer. Cotton’s great, but it’d absorb the water like a sponge (literally). Acrylic’s great, and was and is still inexpensive, but it was a) very scratchy before companies came out with the soft stuff and plus it doesn’t breath well.

For egg cozies, thermos cozies and all other crazy and slightly wonky creations… I think everyone should check out What Not to Crochet. Only because it’s funny. And some of the things do make you wonder why. … And I do sincerely hope that nothing I ever make ends up on that site (although, I’d probably get a lot of hits that way?).

And you totally know that I want to make an egg cozy right now. Maybe just a little hat for an Easter egg or something…

@ Kimm – The only reason my sister’s been playing that game lately is because she’s been sick and stayed home from work for a few days. She’s alternated between knitting, the computer, the television (catching up Grey’s Anatomy and Dollhouse) and her DS. I actually like the Pokemon games and have tried a few. It’s not that great when I’m attempting ot study, so I’m holding off until after exams are over. Pokemon Ranger? Not worth the time. Or maybe I’m just challenged like that.

Oh, and everyone should go check out Kimm‘s blog! She’s doing Comments For A Cause for the second time. Each comment that she receives on her blog during the month of April translates into a dollar donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. There are even prizes involved for the commenters and those who support the cause. So go check it out!

And I agreed to a pact with my sister. Neither of us will purchase any yarn unless there is a project in mind for it and we will start it as soon as we buy the yarn. And before going out to buy any yarn, we’ve decided that we’d go through the existing yarn stash to ‘ensure’ that we’re not going to be buying yarn for a project when we’ve already got a suitable amount of the appropriate yarn at home (… this has happened before). I think this is what knitters and crocheters call “yarn dieting”. … I don’t like it. My bank account does though!

Now back to printing off biology slides!

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  1. That crochet website amuses me. I can’t believe someone crocheted a gun cozy, and a motorcycle.

    I’ll go check out the comments for Multiple Sclerios. Seems cool =D!

    At least your bank account likes you =).

  2. My grandmother says it wasn’t too great. I guess they just had nothing better and they knit it really tight with specific yarn apparently. I wouldn’t try it today!

    I love that website haha!

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