Mister Snuffles thinks you’re all cute too. However, as of today, he’s been sent off to his new home. Hopefully the new owners will think that he’s super adorable as well. D peeked into the gift bag (apparently he’s not allowed to open the baby gifts) and was impressed and asked me where I bought the octopus. And then comes the whole “Oh, I made him” and then there’s the wide-eyed stare and then the “Did you really? That’s so cool” and the “I could never do anything like that”. (And, to be perfectly honest, if I knew how much trouble using those two types of yarn was going to be, what with spliting and yarn coming apart – I probably wouldn’t have made him with two colours.) Next project that I’m thinking of might be some kind of plant for my cubicle. I don’t have a window or any sort of natural sunlight, so I think I’ll go for a fake plant that thrives on… yarn.

Work was work-ish. Nothing really interesting occurred today. Although, there was this moment when I was talking to D2 (not to be confused with D) and he was being civil with me and wasn’t insulting me! In fact, he was even being helpful and offered to help me find information for one of the projects that I’m currently doing at work. Which was kind of mindblowing, since that never happens. But it was interesting, he helped me out and was being nice and civil with me. He made up for it later by bugging me around the other guys and saying (loudly…) that I look like I belong in school or at home doing homework since I look like I’m twelve (… gee, thanks?). V and D agreed with him. Apparently it’s because I’m short. (So not impressed with that as the only thing that they could come up with.)

But enough about work! I talk about work when I’m at work, and talk about work when I’m home from work (because my sister asks) and then I blog about work. Work, work, work, work, work, work, work. Bleh. Although I don’t really feel like complaining about my sister again (the one who’s moving back home). I mean, I could, but I don’t feel like it… Because complaining about her takes effort. And then I get angry. And I don’t like being angry. So… Guess today’s just all about work then. Oh well.


  1. How was your Wednesday?
  2. Did you do anything interesting today?
  3. If you work – how often do you talk about work when you’re not working?

My answers:

  1. It was Wednesday-ish.
  2. Not really…
  3. Evidently quite a bit.

4 Responses

  1. Maybe D2 has a crush on you :O

    1. Meh. It was okay. Could have been way better.
    2. No, not really.
    3. Not very often, since I try to keep my real life separate from my web life.

  2. I don’t think height should account for our age…does that make tall people old?since short people are always deemed young?
    at least you have a job to talk about with work ^^ a yarn plant sounds really cute,looking at your flickr it should come out quite nicely ^^

    1. How was your Wednesday? quite boring acutally
    2. Did you do anything interesting today? not today xD
    3. If you work – how often do you talk about work when you’re not working? usually constantly…theres always an interesting tale that happened xD

  3. 1. Wednesday kinda sucked. My Mom got a temporary cast for her hand =(
    2. Going to my Mom’s casting? Making dinner? Ignoring my father? Watering my garden? Is that interesting?
    3. I actually don’t take about work that much even though most of the time I love my job to pieces.

    Oooh knitted plants! Sounds cool, and it doesn’t indeed involved much less work than real plants.

  4. Haha that first sentence made me smile. I hope you make a cool yarn plant. That would be ridiculously awesome.

    1. It was LONG.
    2. Not really.
    3. I talk about it quite a lot. I have a lot of funny stories about the kids I teach.

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