Yesterday was an incredibly long day. Today’s been an incredibly long day. Headed out with the family for lunch (lunch for them, breakfast for me – we left at 10am!). Later, apparently we drove over an hour just for lunch/breakfast (go figure) and then we went back home. My sister had a dentist appointment, so she dropped me off at the store so I could go and looking through things. I was there for… an hour and a half. And my goodness, it’s boring going furniture shopping by myself! There was a book shelf that I wanted to get, but I wasn’t too sure about the dimensions fitting in the area that I was thinking of, so obviously I didn’t buy it. There was also these really cute ghost night lights that I fell in love with, but I only liked it when it wasn’t lit up (which kind of defeats the purpose), so I didn’t get that either. And once my sister was finished her dental appointment, she didn’t want to buy anything either, so we went to a mall and went shopping for her storage containers there (we need a place for yarn as the other sister is moving back and we can’t really keep our yarn where she’s going to be storing her clothes – although, I mean, we could… It just wouldn’t be very nice, I think.). She has expensive taste in storage containers, by the way, and my eyes just about fell out when I saw the total after the cashier was finished ringing up all three of them.

At lunch/breakfast, my dad got into random rants. He vented about the invention of email and how people waste more paper now than they did before. He went on and on about how people who own pets should just get a big LCD tv and load videos of animals playing on the screen and no one would ever have to own a pet again. He complained about how freehosts for websites all had ads now and how people who pay for hosting are just stupid (thanks dad!) as you can get it for free. He also complained about the construction going on next door (I can understand that – they’ve done sidewalk and the turning area so where our driveway ends and their entrance begins are both in line with our property – I can just picture stupid drivers hitting our fence now. Repeatedly. When it’s done, of course.), which was completely understandable. And then, when we were getting our last dish at the table, he went on about how my oldest sister (the one who’s moving back!) is so socially inept that she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet (and gasp! She’s almost 30! The horror!) and how there mustn’t be enough ‘suitable Chinese boys’ down in LA. I don’t know, if my ‘nearly 30’ sister is scoping out the boys, I think there’d be more issues there beyond the whole “she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet” thing.

But hey, he’s focusing his ‘I want grandkids’ attention onto my older sisters instead of me now! Yay! Sometimes I think that if Hogwarts was real, my dad would have been a Slytherin. Not because he’s evil or anything, just because he’s so into harping on and on about what would be the Potterverse equivalent of Pure Bloods. Ahem. That’s enough book references for one day!

So what did you do today on this lovely (well, hopefully the weather was nice where you are too!) Saturday? Did you do anything that was exciting, interesting or would be fascinating to someone?

Edit! New theme is up! Feature sunflowers, yay! Also, I have a new fanlisting up as well, for the psychotic (and rightly so) character named “Alpha” from the television show Dollhouse. The fanlisting is called Evolved. Please give it a visit!

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  1. Woah, your dad was on a roll there. It’s true that people are still wasting paper, but email is a good invention, in my opinion. I can’t exactly back myself up – but hey, it’s good. 😀

    I don’t agree with watching animals on screen. You want to be interactive with pets and take care of them. O_O

    Eeeek, what’s the need for expensive containers? I’m sure cheap ones out there would do fine. Those ghost lights seemed cute though :3

  2. I adore this new layout! So lovely, Michelle!

    Interesting rant your Dad had there, though I really don’t agree with much of what he said. Especially the pet thing! Pets are amazing. I’d be a different person without my Bella bear. 😉

  3. Your dad and my dad could be Slytherin buddies. Best friends, even. Because he’s all about the Chinese boys too. He’s wanted to introduce me to some sons of his friends, which I’m all “NO” to because they’re the epitome of social ineptness. Seriously.

    I like this layout, by the way, the colors are gorgeous! 😀

  4. Haha wow your dad was definitely on a roll there. That is pretty hilarious. I have to agree that people are wasteful moreso than before, though.

    Love the layout!

  5. Oo! Haha, I just might. New blog idea!!! 🙂 You will be credited of course, haha.

    Woah your dad had a lot to say! 😛 People do waste a lot of paper, but that’s all improving and everything 🙂 We have email though now, not nearly as many letters are sent I should think. It’s not about looking at pets! It’s about taking the responsibility and loving them 😀


  6. LOL at least you didn’t get blamed for the election. My Dad likes to rant too. I’m sure your Dad and my Dad could become the best of buddies but for the sake of our sanity lets never introduce them to each other.

    Oooh furniture shopping. I could probably spend days at Ikea looking at stuff.

    Expensive storage. That’s why I go shopping at Daiso and Walmart for storage =W=

    I like the new layout =D

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